This site is the online home of the Ten Colors Magazine and +Alpha Artists Cooperative.  Members of the +Alpha Artists' Cooperative publish stories, poetry and other artwork here and gain access to the larger Interlingual Group (of which www.tencolors.com is a member) of online content, aspiring toward the publication of longer, book-length works under the Interlingual Press imprint.  This site is also a forum for the sharing of resources for people interested in East Asia, East Asian languages, and culture specifically, though the site's content is not limited to such.  If you have an interest in publishing with us, or have some information or suggestions regarding the accuracy or presentation of the resources on this site, please don’t hesitate to email the webmaster at feedback@tencolors.com or click on the “CONTACT” selection in the main menu at the top of this page or leave a comment through the contact messaging box.

The site domain name, “Ten Colors” is derived from a Japanese proverb (written in Chinese characters) that states 十人十色.  This can be translated to “ten people, ten colors.”  While this proverb might be loosely transliterated to “to each his own” or "different strokes for different folks," many have interpreted it as a general statement on diversity and societal variation.  "Color" is also a metaphor for eroticism in Japan, alowing an interpretation on fetish and erotic preference from individual to individual. The site name also mirrors the title of an upcoming novel, "Ten Colors of Japan," by Tyler McPeek, scheduled for release in 2015.

This site is managed by writer, Tyler McPeek (www.tylermcpeek.com), a research academic and university professor interested in East Asian Linguistics, Japanese literature, and Japanology generally, who also writes poetry and fiction–samples of which can be found on this site.  All of the material on this website, unless otherwise attributed, is the work of and copyrighted by Tyler McPeek.  None of the work presented here should be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the author and webmaster, Tyler McPeek.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy.

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