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Plus Alpha is a network of cutting edge, independent artists who are part of the new cross-cultural, Asia-inspired school.  The writing and other artwork featured on this site are part of a cooperative of artists interested in mixed media collaboration and the promotion of new media-based, independent artists.  TC.com hosts an online magazine for friends of the site, including +Alpha members, who want to contribute short stories, poems, and other artwork for public consumption.  If you are interested in having an attributed article or featuring your artwork in any medium or genre published on Ten Colors Press Online Magazine or publishing a longer work with the Ten Colors Digital Publishing Imprint, please email to tyler@tencolors.com.  +Alpha is non-profit, open access and committed to the values of independent artist empowerment; rejection of old media gatekeepers and profit-driven middlemen; and new media, cooperative distribution of art to the public.  Below is a list of some current contributor collaborators and +Alpha members.


Dean Christ
Graphic Art, Clothing, Design, Sculpture


Avery Fane
Actor, Musician, Blogger

Avery Fane is a member of Ten Colors Japan +Alpha.  He is also a Canadian born actor/writer/producer/translator and liaison currently living in Vancouver, Bc Canada. Growing up in LA, NY, Mtl, and of course Japan, Avery has seen just enough to know he wants to see more; and relating these adventures (past present and future) to the world has become his life's work. For updates on Avery's activities, check out http://www.facebook.com/AveryFaneActual.


Aliza Gitana
Fortune Telling, Painting


Charanjot Shingh
IT Specialist, Blogger

Charanjot (CJ) Singh is a member of Ten Colors Japan +Alpha.  He is also an Indian born IT specialist and webmaster/founder of HereIsJapan.net. CJ grew up in Delhi and has been living and working in Japan for more than 10 years. He has an MBA from Ritsumeikan APU.  Follow CJ's efforts to provide information on the sites and sounds of Japan at http://www.hereisjapan.net.


Seth Howard
Translation, Japanese-style Poetry (Haiku and Waka), Manga & Anime (Japanese language series reader, translator, and enthusiast), Gamer

Seth Howard is an American born poet/writer out of New London.  An active member of +Alpha, he is always looking for ways to cultivate his art.  He lived and studied in Japan for 3 years on and off, where he has traveled extensively to most of the major cities (and Inaka), and has spent considerable time in Korea, Taiwan, and China.  He has gained a great deal of inspiration from his time abroad, and often thinks back to his days spent, over in the East, nostalgically.


Jamil Kazmil
English and Japanese Hip-Hop, Song Writing, Television


Matt Mulyadi


Nate Nossal
Non-Fiction, Poetry, Acting


Call for Submissions:
If you would like to be involved with our artists’ network, please contact Ten Colors Japan at tyler@tencolors.com or through our CONTACT section.  TC.com is calling Japan-related artists, writers, designers, and creators of all kinds to submit some sample work to TC +Alpha.  We are interested in featuring your Japan-related work links and/or Japan-related articles or work samples on Ten Colors along with your artist profile and professional links.  Cooperative network formation of this sort brings added attention and value to all or our members for mutual benefit and empowerment.  Please send your sample images, writing, website links, or other information to tyler@tencolors.com to be considered for membership and inclusion in our network.

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