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Forever One– Sakura and Me, a Never Ending Love Story

-by CJ Singh

     Tencolors invited me to write for them. Hmm… First thought I had in my mind was what to write about. I have been here in Japan for almost ten years. My long withstanding, love and hate relationship with Japan, the land of the rising sun, many questions come to my mind. Would it be about APU, our university?

     Would it be Beppu, where I started my life here ten years ago? Ah! Maybe Hanabi, since the season for Hanabi has almost begun. Colors, being the only thought in my head.

     Most of my time with Tyler was spent drinking Shochu and exploring the ancestry of Koreans. I call it, the Golden Days. We did both, (I guess!) finally agree, that Koreans, came from India, or was it? 

    Over the time spent here, I sometimes do think, if I hate Japan or love it. Then again, I'm longing every year to go back to India, my hometown, Delhi. Reaching there, I would just forget this island nation ever existed. Friends even ask me why I choose Japan. To be honest, till date, even I don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe I have figured out deep inside, it wasn’t a choice, but destiny. Meeting friends, relations. Finish all the pending paper work for everything I own there. First few days are just too busy even to think if I want to spend the rest of my life there.

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