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-by Seth Howard


Pink petals softly fall

Heart-stricken, beneath the trees

We sit in company of ourselves

We yearn for the now to stay

But the moment lasts in memory

Falling petals pink

In bloom


Nightfall falls, then light

Shining, in your eyes a bright

Serenity reflected

The river reflects the colors

Of our minds


Our hearts filled up with song

Within, the image trails

As in the sky

The stars—were bright tonight

And the moon

Was ours 


End of the Line

-by Seth Howard

The heart lingers in longing

As the sun goes down

Over Osaka, footsteps felt

In subway stations, Salary-men

Of some renown


Opening up their One Cups

Glasses pushed up to the crown

With fingers fumbling

Finding what we thought was lost

Hands holding onto rails

People tossed, against doors



-by Seth Howard

I withdrew from the world for a while

All my things were gathered here

Before my feet

Scattered as my many strange belongings

I knew no rest from my own clutter


Perhaps no one had noticed my withdrawal

From society, only quick trips to the

Convenience store was all they saw of me

Before I was back to that shrouded

World of shadow, my room

With the blinds closed during the day

And at night, the lights off

Perhaps only the dim glow of a laptop screen


Nengajyo lay pell-mell across my floor

Blank, unstamped, but all the same

It could be that I would never send them out

Or that New Year’s had already past

And that my loves were too far away 


Photochemical Sky


-by Avery Fane

A summer in Gion,
that we never had.
The ferry ride of constant love,
we once were glad.

You waited for me,
or did I wait for you?
Was it that time in Chuukagai,
or our memories in Kouto-Ku?

Shibuya memories,
Shinjuku tears.
To this day, I still ask why.
We promised not to be sad.

Shinkansen through my heart,
days that we had no fears.
I really did, and only asked,
that you'd try.

I feel the tears,
from a photochemical sky.

I feel the tears,
from a photochemical sky.

Looking back at Tokyo though,
I still ask why.

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