End of the Line

-by Seth Howard

The heart lingers in longing

As the sun goes down

Over Osaka, footsteps felt

In subway stations, Salary-men

Of some renown


Opening up their One Cups

Glasses pushed up to the crown

With fingers fumbling

Finding what we thought was lost

Hands holding onto rails

People tossed, against doors


Stand clear of the closing…

Lonely housewives doing chores

About the house, they’re home

They’re all alone, waiting for their

Husband’s footsteps

Waiting for that call on the

Telephone, telling them

They will be late


We tried so hard not to complicate

Our lives, one foot in front of

The other, as we ascend the stair

Schoolgirls huddled in a small

Group there, by the doors


I’m coming in, I’ve found a seat

I’m on my way to meet the people

That I’ll meet, a flicker of hope

In the darkness, that hopeless

Rope that chokes one’s

Life away


Sit back, relax, enjoy your stay  

Follow to the end, your thought—

At times I think upon tomorrow

Or the tears yesterday brought 

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