First American Loss Confirmed in Tsunami Disaster

-by Tyler McPeek

Was just contemplating the apparent confirmation of the first American death in Japan as a result of the tsunami disaster, a lovely young girl from Virginia, a 24 year old college graduate.  Her name was Taylor Anderson, and she was an English teacher, likely doing the same job I did when I first went to Japan.  So many people were killed that it is not really surprising per say to have someone from your own country killed.  I guess I thought it might be worth noting that there aren’t any areas of any significant size or cities of even a low-moderate population in Japan that I know of, where at least one American wouldn’t be more likely than not to be among the fatalities when a major disaster strikes.  This realization can’t be entirely different than it must be for Japanese to be thinking of when they see reports of a tragedy in the USA, like 911, for example–where many Japanese were among the dead.  It makes it seem deeply personal and local.  Of course, this is not even to mention the economic and cultural shockwaves that might reverberate to one from the other in a case of chaos, disorder, and tragedy.  There’s a lot of tragedy in life, personal and distant, to varying degrees, but hope springs eternal…

TA on FB at 2011-03-22 at 4.08.00 AM EST
    I looked up Taylor on Facebook (above), wondering if she would be there, with a normal recent college grad page, with the little “add as friend” button alongside her profile.  It was there, seemingly normal, while people somewhere not to far away cry for her loss.
    Below is a link to the story on Fox:



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