Japanese Actress on ABC’s Fast Forward

-by Tyler McPeek

So there is a famous Japanese actress playing a character on ABC’s new series “Flash Forward,” based loosely on the science fiction novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer.  In the show, the entire world blacks out for 137 seconds, and each person sees a short glimpse of their life several months in the future.  One American man sees himself speaking Japanese (a language he doesn’t know) with a beautiful Japanese girl (played by Takeuchi) that he is in love with.. (I know that this is a vision of the future that many of you out there probably share!!)  His character spends much of the show learning Japanese and looking for the girl in his vision, and she does the same.  See, there’s hope for all you guys out there too! LoL

This is a decent show, and it features decent actors all the way around, including John Cho (the Korean-American actor who plays Harold in the stoner comedy movie “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”).  I’m impressed on two fronts.  One, they used an actual JAPANESE actress, unlike the “Japanese” sidekick of the Hiro Nakamura character on the popular NBC series “Heroes”–the sidekick is played by a Korean-born American (James Kyson Lee, pictured below).


Second, I was glad to see that they used a famous (and presumably expensive) Japanese actress, Yuko Takeuchi, rather than an unknown (though charming) like Masi Oka, who plays the Hiro character on “Heores.”  Nobody in Japan has ever heard of him, though they were amused to see on television in Japan that there is this little unknown Japanese guy who is uber-famous here in the USA.

So kudos to ABC for not trying to put one over on its audience and dishing out the funds to hire a real Japanese star.  In 2008, the beautiful Takeuchi divorced the kabuki turned movie star Shido Nakamura.  Say what you want about Tom Cruise’s over-the-top Last Samurai movie, at least they used famous Japanese actors, like the drop-dead gorgeous Koyuki.  Hollywood, hear us!  We don’t want to be played for fools.  If the character is Korean, use a Korean (like the tv show “Lost” on ABC).  If the character is Japanese, treat us to a true and genuine Japanese beauty like those pictured here, who can hold there own in their native countries as acting professionals and are internationally known.  Anyway, check out the show if you have a chance, it’s not  bad!

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