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Here is a list of various links.  All these sites are worth visiting and Japan-related.  There are so many great Japan-related sites that are worth checking regularly, let us know if anything is missing that you would like to see included.  It’s a diverse list, with comments and reviews.  Japanese language learning sites in particular are linked at the bottom of this page.  Enjoy!

Florida Linguistics
This site is brought to you by graduate students in the University of Florida, Linguistics Department.  It is a great overall resource, maybe the best, laymen-accessible resource for the field of linguistics on the web.  It also contains resources for the field Japanese Linguistics and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) professionals, both of which might be of great value to TenColors visitors and friends.

An employment, job listing site for overseas academics looking to work at Japanese universities.

Japanese Money
List of the kinds of Japanese coins and bills in use in Japan today, with pictures, front and back.

Meaning of Blood Types in Japan
A concise explanation of the widespread belief in human blood types’ astrological sign-like implications for a our personality traits, and daily lives.  This explanation from JapanVisitor contains some background on the subject and the basics of the Japanese belief in “blood psychology.”

The Japan Association of College English Teachers
JACET is an interesting organization with a good website that supports university English teachers and Japanese English education in Japan.

Nation Master
One could spend many hours on this site.  It’s the ultimate source for stats and correlations on countries of the world.  Which country has the least abortions?  Which country has the most?  Suicides, smoking, drug use broken down by individual drug, GDP, GNP, patriotism, lack of patriotism, etc, etc, you can find almost any world rankings by country on this site.  It provides pie charts and color-coded maps in many cases, in addition to easy to read lists.  It’s a great quick reference, when pondering this or that, or an entertaining site just to surf around and check out this or that stat.  I wouldn’t recommend using this site for serious academic research or any kind, unless you can verify the data with the original source.  The variety of information here and the bulk of stats provided make it a great and fun site, but stick to the CIA World Factbook, professional journalism sources, NGOs, NPOs, etc, if you intend to site the source in an academic paper.  Nation Master bills itself as “a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations.”  It also states that its data is from “such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD.”  The “such sources..” part troubles me.  Maybe I’m paranoid, and Nation Master is certainly more reliable than Wikepedia, but again, I would check everything against the source data at the source before using any of it for anything beyond trivia and personal entertainment.  You can get better than this for general information about Japan, including its military, financial status, and infrastructure.  Being able to compare that data with your own countries and other is easy and dynamic.  Information of some countries is less available and sometimes out of date, but this is not the case with Japanese and most first world nations’ data.

The CIA World Factbook
This is the best “straight dope” source for country by country, up to date national profiles.  The information is not always as extensive as other online sources or correlated, as it is with Nation Master, but it is far more reliable and current than other online sources, because it is posted and backed by the best information source for data on foreign nations in the United States government.  I would hesitate, to say the least, to use most online sources as cited sources in any academic or work related research, but I would not hesitate at all to use the World Factbook.  In fact, this is the source for most of the more reliable nation data on other popular websites anyway.  For statistical, governmental, and infrastructure data related to Japan, check here first, before you scour the web or go to the far less reliable Wikipedia.

American Rhetoric
This is an incredible resource.  One could spend hours just browsing through the hundreds of recordings and transcripts of famous American speeches.  Not only political speeches, but noteworthy movie speeches and a slew of other great, rehtoric-related content.  This is a beautiful site.

Ubyka Studio
This is a site of a friend of mine, which means that I’m lucky enough to know about it and fortunate to be able to introduce it to you, but that isn’t why I include it here–or else I would be including loads of other friends’ sites.  The content and idea behind Dean Masaki Christie’s designs is exemplary of the direction that I think art of all kinds is taking these days in its evolution.  I’ve done my best to incorporate my own brand of language meshing and multi-culturalism in literature through my work, but I wouldn’t have guessed that some of the same concepts could be applied to clothing design.

JET Program
The JET Program is the premier ESL/public service employment opportunity for foreigners hoping to work temporarily in Japan.  Thousands of English speaking foreigners are hired every year by the Japanese government to work in public schools and city halls.  The pay is good; rent is subsidized; no Japanese language skills are necessary to apply, and tax breaks, travel expenses and many, many other perks and incentives are offered to successful candidates who can successfully pass through the once a year, extensive application process run out of the Japanese consulates and embassies around the world.

J-Pop Online Radio
For the J-Pop music fan, here is a listing of the best online radio stations for free internet listening.

Radio and Television from Japan
Online list of Japanese radio and tv stations, conveniently listed in one place–mostly NHK, news-type stations.

Mainichi Newspaper
Here is the online edition of The Mainichi (‘everyday’) Daily News.  It is a great newspaper for getting at those insider, tabloid type stories from Japan.  Unfortunately, the “WaiWai” section, which was the best English link to the Tokyo weekly tabloid stories is no longer there (after much scandal over its contents).  Still, it’s a great news alternative to the straight-laced NHK/NPR stuff.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) is Japan’s answer to NASA.  It is little-known how advanced Japan is in the aerospace field.  Honda is now producing mini-jet engine aircraft for the private pilot market that are getting a lot of attention, Japanese astronauts are going up on NASA missions with US crews, and the Japanese national government has made satellite launching rocket technology and production one of its top federal fund investment priorities.  Keep an eye on the Japanese as the potential next world leaders in the aerospace field.

Anime Lyrics
This is a handy site for memorizing, studying, or just plain enjoying lyrics from Japanese songs.  This site provides music videos, with written lyrics in both Japanese (written in roman letters) and their English translations.  The lyrics are not only from anime, but also from video game themes and J-Pop.

Japan Underground Blog
This is an amusing blog in English by artist Mori Kanda.

Japan Probe
This is a blog-style Japan variety site, featuring current videos, commentary on Japanese news stories and general gossip from the Japanese archipelago.

Fucked Gaijin
Fucked Gaijin is a nice streaming news and tidbits site for the interesting this and that of hip-to-the-scene foreigners on life in Japan.  The content is English, fresh, and varied–worth a look.

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